Touch Therapy: Just A Touch Away

Have you ever heard that hugs help you release the emotional tension inside your body and allow you to convey what words cannot?

This is the healing mechanism of a hug.


When a loved one hugs you, it feels as if your problems have just disappeared temporarily. You want to live in that moment because it feels inexplicably incredible.

This is the power of touch. Researchers have made good use of this healing mechanism and introduced ‘Touch Therapy’ to aid in a person’s mental and emotional development.

How Important Is Touch Therapy For A Human?

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The first thing a doctor does when an infant is born is to place the baby on the chest of the mother. It promotes instant bonding and relieves the mother’s mental turmoil. Similarly, skin-to-skin contact of the baby with the mother is essential.

It shows that humans have been designed in such a way where touching or being touched is a part of our existence. We crave it even if we do not want to show others when we need it.

It heals in ways that are majestic and unknown to our minds. Every good touch translates to reduced emotional vulnerability and improved mood. A pat from a teacher on the shoulder of a student could mean support, appraisal, or reassurance which is encouraging for the student.

Likewise, a touch from the person you love fills your body with ecstasy and delight. There is no doubt that touch can alleviate the overall health of a human. A simple touch can mean more than what words can explain.

Using this to increase its benefit to humans, you can say that practitioners have depicted a method to promote healing and health in an individual.

How Does Touch Therapy Help Prevent Diseases?

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How soothing and calming does a massage feel?

In other words, even if chronic ailments are not cured with a massage, it still helps improve the psychological aspects related to it.

For instance, if a person is a cancer patient, imagine the stress or depression he may be going through. Every time a family member visits and shows empathy by holding hands it has a positive impact on the psychology of the patient.

So, when he gets a massage or touch therapy, it will significantly reduce his anxiety and stress. It may even rejuvenate the energy in him. This positive energy would encourage him to fight well against the disease or even feel optimistic.

In short, healing touch is not a cure for diseases. However, we see that every disease affects a human not just physically, but mentally as well. Therefore, if a practitioner can improve a patient’s condition in some way, it would be of great advantage for the patient, which is why it becomes important to take care of the mental health of every patient to improve them entirely.

What Happens When You Take This Therapy?

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Touch therapy has revealed many outstanding effects on the human body. It not only cultivates natural emotions, but it also revamps us. Studies have shown that touch therapy physically and mentally heals the patient. There are several benefits of healing touch. It works on multiple receptors on the body to reduce pain and to rapidly heal wounds.

On the other hand, it has miraculous effects on the mental health of a person suffering from anxiety, depression, or extreme stress. It minimizes the symptoms of panic attacks, alleviates the mood, and makes a person feel lively or satisfactory about themselves.

Moreover, healing touch therapy proves to ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy, mainly nausea and vomiting. It boosts the energy to make a person feel better, and it will also induce better sleep.

The most interesting effect of healing touch is the improvement in the immune system. Several pieces of research tell us that there is a rise in immunity after regular touch therapies.

Is There Any Evidence Of Touch Therapy Being Effective?


Humans crave touch like we crave food. Our bodies and skin are hungry for another person’s touch. In the same way, touch therapy holds substantial value in the life of a mentally distorted individual. There are various researches done in this field that talk about the efficiency of touch therapy.

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has a whole institute dedicated to research on touch therapy. It demonstrates the worth of such kinds of methods where researchers have built enough evidence to prove the effectiveness of touch therapy.

Is Touch Therapy Good For You?

We already know how intriguing touch therapy is in our lives. Every evidence that we have at hand only points us towards the excellent benefits of touch therapy. No evidence links touch therapy to harmful side effects.

There is no harm in getting touch therapy. It is not the treatment for any kind of disease, but it does help a person psychologically.

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