An In-depth Look Into Reiki And Its Health Benefits

An In-depth Look Into Reiki And Its Health Benefits

The term “Reiki” may sound new, but there’s nothing modern about it. Reiki is a kind of energy healing practice that has its origins in many different ancient cultures. Reiki practitioners employ ki or qi, the energy that is believed to be the universal life force, to enhance the well-being of others and improve their overall health. Some describe it to emulate the effects of acupuncture without having to use any needles.

It is a practice with its roots deeply entrenched in Eastern medicine. Reiki practitioners believe that every being alive has an energy field that complements their vitality, and they are able to manipulate that by placing their hands over the different parts of a client’s body. They do so to boost self-healing abilities. As such, Reiki cannot cause healing so much as it channels it.

What happens during a Reiki therapy session?

A Reiki session doesn’t need to be held in any particularly special location. The only criteria the surroundings need to meet is that it should be quiet and relaxing – much like you would see in a typical massage session. They can even take place in an outdoor setting or even remotely while the practitioner and client are in separate places.

The recipient will begin the treatment facing up and fully dressed during an ordinary session. Before the Reiki session, the client should discuss with the practitioner about their pain points and what ailments they hope to heal. They may start with meditation, after which the practitioner will use their hands to touch the client lightly or hover over parts of the body. The practitioner concentrates on manifesting the intention for healing. This can come in the form of merely visualising the highest good for the client and making their good intent apparent. There is no specific outcome to expect, as the practitioners are only energy guides and cannot explicitly determine the results.

One session usually takes about half an hour to an hour. Post that, practitioners can discuss the things they’ve noticed and what they believe should be done next.

Potential health benefits

The energy that exists within the body is not something that can be quantified, only intuited. Reiki helps with relaxing a person and boosting their healing. A person who undergoes Reiki therapy also acquires much better mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

While there is no conclusive study done to prove Reiki’s various health benefits, anecdotal evidence shows that it induces a sense of unparalleled relaxation, improves your ability to adapt to challenges, releases stress, and enhances your well-being.

Those with the following conditions and more have been known to use Reiki to treat themselves:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Infertility
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Heart disease

Those with other health conditions often utilise Reiki in addition to their regular treatment to cope. For example, clients who have cancer undergo Reiki treatments as a means of relaxation. Its gentle nature ensures a soothing effect on clients, especially those more susceptible to anxiety and stress.


Reiki’s steady increase in popularity denotes wider acceptance of alternative healing methods in Singapore. It is a practice that is ancient but as relevant as ever. That’s why A Space Between offers practitioners a conducive and stress-free environment to hold their sessions. Whether it’s for Reiki, hypnotherapy, a family therapy session, or any number of mental and emotional health practices, providers will always find a space with us. Contact us today to learn more.

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