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The importance of finding the right therapist

Therapy can work wonders on mental and emotional problems of all kinds. Giving voice to your worries and getting support in tangible and intangible ways can be beneficial to someone with a lot on their mind. Just sharing your emotions and thoughts with someone can be incredibly healing.

While talking to your loved ones is a valid response to mental wellness issues, receiving aid from professional counsellors, often even more effective. They are able to provide unbiased and expert aid and guidance that friends and family cannot.

Therapists are trained in various professional services like hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, group therapy, and much more. They are there to listen and help find the root of your issues, surmount emotional difficulties, and positively affect your lifestyle changes.

One misconception people tend to hold is that only people who are diagnosed with mental health disorders require therapy. While people who experience mental disorders like depression should consult a therapist, anyone can benefit from professional counselling and private therapy. You can receive support for anything; from relationship difficulties to work problems to self-esteem issues.

But to receive these benefits, you must find a therapist for your unique disposition, challenges, and comfort level. The ideal therapist makes you feel understood and cared for and has the qualifications and expertise needed to help you make healthy changes for yourself.

Here’s where you find the best psychotherapists in Singapore!

A Space Between has been serving many professional mental wellness coaches and providers over the years. From counsellors and life coaches to more specialised ones like psychotherapists or therapists for depression, each of our members has years of experience, ensuring that you and your loved ones are in safe hands. We have over 70 members providing private therapy services in Singapore at A Space Between, and these are the few who have listed their profiles with us above.

Sessions can be conducted in any of these languages – English, Indonesian, Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese, and Cantonese – depending on individual practitioners.

The range of treatment or therapy we provide includes Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Emotion-focused Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Group Therapy, Psychotherapy, Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki, and, Solution-focused Brief Therapy. Remember that you are not alone in this fight and that help is available.

How does
ASB client-matching work?

A Space Between houses a collection of independent mental health specialists and mental wellness coaches in Singapore. While our team guides you through the process of searching, we don’t prescribe the rest.

Every professional at A Space Between sets their own fees and arranges their own appointments.


Private counselling allows individuals to talk about the issues they might encounter daily. It is a process in which individuals are looking to explore their feelings and thoughts and readjust their lives. Professional counsellors or life coaches do not tell you what to do but rather guide you in discovering the root cause. A Space Between offers private counselling sessions in Singapore, which will give you the space to open up.

A private psychotherapist treats individuals for mental illnesses and emotional issues. Depending on what they specialise in, psychotherapists are an umbrella term for psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, and psychologists. Depending on if the individual is licensed to prescribe, medications are sometimes administered in the therapy process.

Possible signs you might want to visit a private therapist or mental wellness provider include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed: You may have too many issues to handle and are unable to rest.
  • Excessive fatigue: A sign of depression, it may result in you sleeping more or having trouble waking up.
  • Apathy: You lose interest in activities you usually enjoy participating in.

Find some of the best private psychotherapists in Singapore at A Space Between.

At A Space Between, you may either select from our available therapists and mental wellness providers, or fill out a match form so that we can match you with the right people. You will then have an introductory call with them. When doing so, some of the things you can ask yourself are, “Do I feel comfortable and safe?”, “Was it easy to have to make small talk?” etc.

Absolutely! Finding a professional counsellor in Singapore, mental wellness provider or life coach that makes you comfortable is essential for effective treatment. You can ask for a therapist or counsellor of a specific gender or sex. In fact, in most places, you will be asked for a preference, and we will try our best to match you to what you require.

Walk-ins are not encouraged. Our members are all private practitioners with their own schedule and payment terms. Allow us to help you navigate the search process by visiting our Find A Therapist directory–click on “Get Matched” and complete the Google Form.