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Discover A Space Between in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore, tailored for therapists in Singapore. Our meticulously designed therapy rooms offer 13 private rooms and a group therapy room, blending comfort and luxury for practical counseling sessions, whether for intimate family therapy or individual sessions.

Our Therapy Rooms In Singapore

Experience the perks of private practice effortlessly with our support. Featuring 14 thoughtfully designed rooms, robust safety measures, monitored surveillance, competitive pricing, and round-the-clock accessibility, our therapy room rentals in Singapore promote relaxation and safety for your practice, every day of the year.

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Are you a psychologist, therapist, life coach, counsellor or psychotherapist in Singapore looking for a flexible and aesthetically-pleasing, Co-Practice therapy space for rent in Singapore?

What is A Space Between?

Located in Tanjong Pagar, A Space Between offers rental space tailored for mental health providers. Our facility boasts a variety of counseling rooms designed to accommodate various session types, from one-on-one to family or group therapy. Our primary goal is to cultivate an enviornent that fosters effective and confidential therapy sessions in Singapore, promoting well-being and healing for all.

What is essential for counseling rooms?

Confidentiality in counseling rooms hinges on two key factors:

icon soundproofing

soundproofing, and

icon visualprivacy

visual privacy.

Firstly, the room must be soundproof, preventing anyone outside from overhearing conversations within.

Secondly, visual privacy is essential, meaning no windows or glass panes should allow outsiders to observe the client during sessions. This ensures a secure and confidential environment for therapy sessions.

How does A Space Between work?

A Space Between provides adaptable co-working therapy rooms available for rent to private therapists and other mental health practitioners in Singapore. Upon becoming a member, you gain daily access to our members’ lounge, private rooms, and open spaces, facilitating seamless session conduct without the burden of financial risks or substantial rental investments. Additionally, our supportive environment fosters professional growth and collaboration among members, enhancing the overall therapeutic experience. We alleviate rental worries so you can devote your energy to nurturing your practice and clients.

What does membership with
A Space Between include?

Download our membership brochure to learn more.

Each plan provides 24/7 access to the space, corporate & social events, and high-speed internet. With membership, booking of our therapy rooms is charged separately. With the plans, you will be issued booking credits for that particular month which you can use to secure the respective rooms.

At A Space Between, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for our clients. Our facility includes a group therapy room that can comfortably accommodate up to 10 individuals while adhering to safer distancing regulations. We also have 13 private rooms available, each thoughtfully designed with a consistent style and modern art décor. These private rooms provide a tranquil and confidential space for therapy sessions. Alongside our private and group therapy rooms, we offer communal spaces where clients can work, network, and relax. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere that promotes healing, personal growth, and a sense of belonging for everyone who walks through our doors.

We have a one-time trial that is valid for a month at only S$ 88, including the S$ 25 account registration fee. It is perfect for first-time users to experience how a co-practice space works! The trial is only available as a one-time offer for each user and users must not be current or previous members at A Space Between.

We strongly recommend that all potential members participate in our trial plan before committing to membership at A Space Between. This allows you to experience our rooms, services, booking platform, and interact with our community members and staff. It’s an opportunity for you to determine if we are the right fit for you, while also allowing us to assess if you align with our community values and ethos.

Check out our 3D Virtual Tour on our homepage and sign up for an in-person tour so we can get to know each other! If it all goes well, our Community Team will then assist you with the registration process. Apply to join today!


Simply pay as you go for a 1-year validity period with an annual S$ 250 membership fee. 

Monthly Plans

Perfect for a practice in its first year.
320 credits

Perfect for a growing practice.
620 credits

Perfect for an established practice.
1200 credits

Note: All prices are nett. No GST.

Download our membership brochure to learn more.

Each membership plan at A Space Between offers round-the-clock access to our facility, including corporate and social event spaces, as well as high-speed internet connectivity. Please note that booking our therapy rooms is not included in the membership fee and will be charged separately. However, with your chosen plan, you will receive booking credits each month, which can be used to reserve the therapy rooms as needed.

While our Community Team’s operating hours are Mondays to Fridays, 9.30am to 6pm excluding public holidays, our technology driven, self-serviced space is run on a cloud-based door access system that gives you on-demand access. *Our door access is app-based and available for download on both the android and iOS platforms.

Our space is predominantly self-serviced to keep our overheads manageable so that we can pass on this savings to our members. We ask that members be mindful to leave the room as they found it and switch off all lights and air conditioning after themselves.

For any late night sessions, please note that the building lifts are closed to the public at 10.30pm – please call security at (65) 6220 6163 to unlock the lifts.


Simply pay as you go for a 1-year validity period with an annual S$250 membership fee.

Monthly Plans


$ 280
/ month
  • (320 Credits)


$ 530
/ month
  • (620 Credits)
Most Popular


$ 1,000
/ month
  • (1200 Credits)
Best Value

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