Rosewood Red
Therapy Office

Red - the real color of rebirth and new beginnings

✓ 80 square feet
✓ Comfortably seats three people
✓ 5 rooms available

The room is decked with rustic red-orange hues and gold decor to complement.

Abundant natural light, lush furnishings, with the thoughtful addition of green potted plants, to help you sit back and relax.

The red tone sets a perfect setting for quiet one-on-one sessions or couples’ therapy. The luxurious long sofa makes it a suitable choice for hypnotherapy sessions.

Two (out of five) of these rooms have provisions of white noise machines strategically placed with air-conditioner compressors for people who have difficulty focusing or sustaining attention.

Each offers an ambiance planned specifically for individual therapies (like psychotherapy), hypnotherapy, or couples’ therapy sessions.

We offer amenities that can help you focus on your clients. Our friendly staff, comfortable waiting areas, members lounge, pantry area are all a part of the deal.