Charcoal Grey
Practitioner Room

Grey - because life is not just black or white

✓ 100 square feet
✓ Comfortably seats four people
✓ 3 rooms available

The room comes in chic shades of grey and pops of vibrant colours that come from the cushions and the plants in the room.

Abundant natural light, window view, and bright interiors set the mood for healthy therapy sessions. The luxurious long sofa makes it a suitable choice for hypnotherapy sessions.

These subtle hued rooms provide an ideal aura for family therapy and small group discussions.

Each of these rooms offers an ambiance explicitly planned for individual therapy sessions (like psychotherapy), hypnotherapy, couples’ therapy, or family therapy sessions.

We offer amenities that can help you focus on your clients. Our friendly staff, comfortable waiting areas, members’ lounge, pantry area are all a part of the deal.

These charcoal grey rooms create the right ambience for the group therapy participants to achieve the different group therapy stages in a relaxed and comfortable space.