Busting Some Of The Most Common Myths About Family Therapy

Busting Some Of The Most Common Myths About Family Therapy

When people say that family is the most basic unit of our society – they’re more right than they think. Your family is your first and most constant form of community. That’s why it’s so essential that you’re able to communicate effectively and foster those relationships. However, if your family exhibits signs of dysfunction and negativity, you might need to think about whether you have reason to attend family therapy together.

Despite what most people think, family therapy doesn’t have to be a big deal, nor does it have to be such an intimidating undertaking. Because of chaotic and loud media portrayals of family therapy appointments and the stigma regarding therapy in general, family therapy has an unfairly negative reputation. In actuality, people specialising in family therapy only want to work in tandem with families to discover the obstacles to a healthy relationship and help solve them. Here are some of the most commonly heard myths about family therapy and why you should think twice about believing them.

1. Family therapy is only necessary if one person needs it

The family is fundamentally a single emotional unit. The entire family is impacted differently by various health problems, trauma, or unforeseen changes. There is no way to alter or remove somebody from this emotional unit without affecting the entire family.

Consider a family member who is a troubled teenager and who requires extensive care. This frequently indicates that the entire family is having difficulties. Because they don’t know what to do, the parents are hurt, frustrated, or both.

Perhaps your brother is misbehaving, and you don’t understand why they can’t seem to obey the rules. It is a fallacy to assume that if one family member is struggling, the others are unaffected. It would be impossible for everyone in the family to be at peace knowing that someone close to you is very clearly discontent.

2. Needing family therapy means that you have been unsuccessful as a parent

If you’re willing to share your struggles in family counselling, you haven’t failed as a parent. Contrarily, it serves as further evidence that you, as a parent, care about each family member enough to seek expert assistance rather than risking your family’s mental health or failing to find a solution to your difficulties.

Remember that no family is perfect; it takes tremendous guts to admit you need support. As the old adage goes, it takes a village to raise a child. You are not required to face your family’s issues by yourself, and it takes courage and foresight to seek help. It is always in the family’s best interest to seek professional guidance and assistance because family therapists have the knowledge and experience you might not have.

3. Family therapy will only worsen issues

One of the most widespread myths about family therapy is that, as it’s sometimes portrayed in popular culture films or television, every session will be chaotic, messy, and loud. Nothing could be more inaccurate.

Your therapist will establish rules and guidelines at the start of each session to remind you how quiet the session must be. As experts, they are equipped to handle the circumstance and are skilled at mediating disputes, so they do not abruptly break out during the session. There’s no reason to worry that family counselling will drive your family further apart.


Family therapy is one of the most fruitful things you can do as a family to create a loving and healthy relationship among all family members and to calmly and peacefully address your concerns. The above state common misconceptions, however, shouldn’t deter you from seeking out a family therapist, particularly if the scenario you’re in calls for their assistance.

Family therapy is primarily a positive experience and is invaluable to the family unit. That is why we at A Space Between provide peaceful and conducive spaces for mental health professionals to hold family therapy sessions in Singapore. Find a therapist with us by filling out this google form today to learn more about how you can take the first step towards a more functional family dynamic!

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