Counselling in Singapore: A Financial Overview Of How Much It Costs

Counselling in Singapore: A Financial Overview Of How Much It Costs

Counselling is an invaluable resource for those seeking professional guidance and support in Singapore. With that said, understanding the cost of counselling services is important, particularly for individuals and families working with an established budget.

Therefore, in this article, we will be breaking down the financial aspects of counselling in Singapore, providing insight into the average costs, factors that influence pricing, and some tips for seeking out more affordable counselling in Singapore.

Understanding Costs of Counselling in Singapore

Counselling costs in Singapore can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of counselling, the experience of the therapist, and the location of the clinic or practice. On average, counselling in Singapore can range from SGD 80 to SGD 250 per hour.

Factors Influencing Costs of Counselling in Singapore

Type of Counselling

Different types of counselling, such as individual, couple, family, or specialised therapy, will have different price points.

Therapist’s Experience and Qualifications

Highly experienced therapists or those with specialised qualifications may charge higher fees for their services.


Counselling services in prime locations or prestigious clinics may come with a higher price tag compared to those in more affordable areas.

Counselling in Singapore: A Financial Overview Of How Much It Costs

Average Costs of Counselling in Singapore

  • Individual Counselling: SGD 80 to SGD 200 per hour
  • Couple or Family Counselling: SGD 150 to SGD 250 per hour
  • Specialised Therapy (e.g. trauma therapy, addiction counselling): SGD 150 to SGD 250 per hour
  • Additional Services: Some counselling practices offer additional services such as assessments, workshops, or group therapy sessions, which may affect the overall costs

Tips For Seeking Affordable Counselling Options

Community Centres and Non-Profit Organisations

Many community centres and non-profit organisations offer counselling services at reduced rates or on a sliding scale basis depending on your income. One prime instance is the Counselling and Care Centre (CCC).

Government Subsidies

Check if you qualify for any government subsidies or assistance programs that can help cover the cost of counselling. At Singaporean public health institutions, for example, eligible patients can receive up to 80% subsidies.

University Clinics

Universities with psychology or counselling programs often have clinics where supervised graduate students provide counselling services at lower rates as they are able to train in preparation for a counselling career post-graduation.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance plans may cover counselling sessions related to several issues like mental health, whether partially or completely. Check with your insurance provider for more details.

Online Counselling Platforms

Online counselling platforms may offer more affordable options compared to traditional in-person counselling sessions. Such platforms nowadays can get you matched to a professional counsellor in less than 48 hours.

Counselling in Singapore: A Financial Overview Of How Much It Costs

Additional Resources and Considerations

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

More and more employers nowadays are offering EAPs, which provide counselling services to employees at no cost or at reduced rates, as part of the employee benefits package.

Support Groups

Joining support groups related to your concerns may help you find relief and solace at no additional cost. These groups can be found through community centres, religious organisations, or online.

Public Mental Health Services

The Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Singapore, for instance, provides public mental health services, including counselling, at subsidised rates. These services are definitely worth checking out, particularly if you are on a tight budget.

Financial Planning

If counselling costs are a concern, consider incorporating mental health expenses into your overall financial planning. Budgeting for counselling sessions can help make them more manageable.


While the cost of counselling in Singapore may seem daunting for some, it is essential to prioritise your mental well-being. In fact, it should take precedence as it is important at every stage of life and its impacts often bleed into other areas of life.

By having a stronger understanding of the factors that influence the pricing of counselling sessions and exploring various options, individuals and families can be more well-informed when making decisions in finding the support they need within their budgets.

Whether seeking help for personal growth, relationship issues, or mental health concerns, counselling services in Singapore offer a range of options to suit various needs and financial circumstances.

Counselling in Singapore: A Financial Overview Of How Much It Costs

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