Friendship Therapy: Connections Are Great Investments

Friendship Therapy Connections Are Great Investments

The pandemic introduced many different challenges across the world for people to socialise. Social distancing and lockdown made it difficult to gather, be it with your family, friends, or partners. At a time when what everybody needs is a solid and steady support system, many friendships were stirred instead.

The root of the friendship struggles stemmed from everybody’s emotional threshold being limited over the pandemic. The pandemic impacted the world; whether it be uncertainty, grief, or loss, it seriously affected how people could communicate effectively with one another.

Fortunately, people are willing to put in the effort to get their friendships back on track. A Space Between has professional private therapists who offer friendship therapy for those who would like additional help in mending friendship. So, if this sounds interesting to you, read on to learn more about it and its benefits, and whether it is suitable for you and your loved ones.

What Exactly Is Friendship Therapy?

Friendship therapy works in the same way as couples therapy. Instead of heading towards rekindling romance, it works at restoring friendships. Many issues that plague a romantic relationship – communication breakdown, betrayal, or neglect – can appear in friendships as well. Hence, friendships can benefit greatly from the similar intervention employed in couples therapy.

How Can Friendship Therapy Benefit You?

Like any relationship, unless you put in the effort and find value in maintaining it, not every friendship lasts forever. Therapy is not only the solution but also a tool to help you and your friend see the bigger picture. Suppose you believe you are in a friendship that really matters to you and is worth saving and reconciling; in that case, friendship therapy is something to consider. It can help unveil some recurring issues in your friendship that both you and your friend are not aware of.

Talking To Your Friend About Attending Friendship Therapy

Repairing and salvaging a friendship is a two-way process. Your friend must want the same ending as you. If you are going to start the conversation of attending friendship therapy, it is critical to approach the topic at a “human level”. Explain and elaborate to your friend how much the friendship means to you and that you want to fix and strengthen it. It is also important to acknowledge the rough patch in the friendship, even if it is difficult and awkward for both of you. Doing proper research on cost and available options and resources is recommended too.


Friendships are just as important as any other relationship. Like any relationship, it takes two willing parties to want to make things work. There is also the option to seek individual therapy for those struggling with interpersonal relationships and consider friendship therapy. It might better equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve self-care and communication, strengthening the relationship with yourself first, then others.

A Space Between offers some of Singapore’s most aesthetically pleasing and convenient therapy rooms in Singapore to host both group and private counselling sessions. We partner with many established private therapists with vast experiences in specialities such as anxiety and panic disorders, depression, LGBTQIA+, and paediatrics. For more information on our services, head to to find out more.

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