Run Your Mental Health Practice in a Co-Practice Space and Have Lasting Impact on Your Clients

As a mental health professional, you have a lot to consider when deciding where to operate your practice. And while there are many options available in Singapore, there never seems to be one that fits just right.

Renting an office for a private practice is expensive and inconvenient.


Co-working spaces in Singapore, while affordable and flexible, are not the most appropriate environments for conducting mental health therapy sessions. They often emphasise desk-based jobs, and the spaces lack the privacy and comfort needed for client interactions.

Running your practice out of your home might seem like an economical and convenient option. But this brings about a swath of personal safety and privacy issues.

Quite frankly, the perfect place to set up your mental health practice didn’t exist before A Space Between.


Combining the best aspects of private practices and co-working spaces, A Space Between introduces the concept of co-practice – a new option for running a mental health practice for therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals, regardless of experience level.

Co-practice is where private practice meets co-working space. It takes the environment and atmosphere of a private practice and combines it with the affordability and flexibility of co-working spaces.

Co-practice goes beyond simply sharing common areas with other professionals. It strives to be a community of collaboration amongst therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals who share a common goal – helping their clients overcome mental health struggles.

A Space Between is built from the ground up with mental health professionals in mind. Every part of the facility, down to the finest detail, is based on meticulous planning and research to produce a space that is tailored for mental health practices.

In a co-practice space, we aim to create the best experience for your clients.

This experience starts from the moment your clients walk through the front door. Our reception and waiting areas are welcoming, calm, and comfortable spaces where they can feel at ease before their session.

ASpaceBetween Entrance1

Stocked with refreshments, coffee, and tea, this is the perfect atmosphere to get in the right frame of mind to share and open up.


The interior design philosophy throughout the entire facility also maintains this same commitment to the client experience.

Seeking professional help is a courageous decision. But it’s also common for people to feel nervous or anxious. You and your clients need a space that actively promotes openness. A space that feels safe and free from judgment.

Every aspect of A Space Between, from the color of the walls, to the fixtures and furniture, is thoughtfully chosen for its ability to promote healthy interactions between you and your client. We base our entire aesthetic on research and guiding design principles from the most successful mental health practices in the world.

Just as important as the overall client experience, a co-practice space fosters a community for therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals through the active and continuous support of its members.

At A Space Between, we don’t just provide mental health professionals with rooms. Our commitment to co-practice means that we actively support our members with their practice.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

ASpaceBetween StaffRoom2

  • Ultra-fast and reliable Wi-Fi so that you’re always connected with your clients.

  • Fair- use printing facilities so that you always have your most important documents and papers.

  • Storage facilities to keep your belongings and important items safe.

  • 24/7 access to all spaces so that you can conveniently meet with clients at any hour of the day – or if you just need a place to do some work.

Embedded in the DNA of a co-practice space is the fostering of a support system among members.

A Space Between recognizes how important it is for mental health professionals to be surrounded by others who share in the collective vision of helping others.

Our Members’ Open Area and Members’ Lounge are dedicated spaces where you can meet, collaborate, and network with other professionals.

In a co-practice environment, you become part of a community. And this community forms the foundation for how the space is operated.

We are constantly working with members to improve all facets of our services.

We are a living canvas, reflecting the ideas and vision of our members so that we can enhance their experience and that of their clients.


To close, co-practice has the singular goal of providing the best space for you to run your therapy, coaching, or wellness practice. Through thoughtful design, state of the art support systems, and a community-building mindset, A Space Between is where you can do amazing work for your clients.

Where private practice meets
A Space Between provides flexible co-working office spaces for rent to therapists and other professionals in Singapore.
A Space Between is a destination for mental health therapy activities. Counsellors utilise our many conducive therapy rooms for consultations. Located conveniently downtown and offering your independent therapists rent by the hour, we house many professional mental health practitioners, including LGBTQ+ friendly ones. To find out more about the therapists practising in A Space Between, write to us at [email protected].
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