Social Media & Relationship: Finding The Right Priority

Social Media & Relationship: Finding The Right Priority

Studies have shown that 71 per cent of couples indicate that they spend more time on their mobile devices than with their partners, with 52 per cent of these individuals spending more than three hours each day scrolling through social media as compared to spending time with their partners.

A 2021 study has indicated that an average Singaporean spends around 7.5 hours using the internet, of which approximately 3 hours is spent scrolling through social media. This “addiction” to technology is purposefully created to keep us glued to our screens.

Nevertheless, this is not a good thing for relationships. As we spend more time on our screens, we lose out on the intimate connection in the relationship. We communicate with one another lesser, resulting in the build-up of unwanted and unsolved issues, which will lead to many problems in the relationship.

If either one of you in the relationship is spending too much time scrolling through social media, the good news is that you can still overcome it. By being made aware of your bad habits and seeking professional help if necessary, you can improve your relationship and foster a loving relationship in a social media driven society.

Bad Habits That Social Media Cultivates

1. Phubbing: When you subconsciously or consciously pick up your phone the moment you are with your partner – The combination of phone and snubbing (ignore).

2. Using the phone during meal times: Meal times are the ideal opportunity to catch up with your significant other, be it asking them about their day or making plans.

3. Social media “stalking”: This behaviour might lead to emotional or physical cheating. Even if it does not, your partner will not be pleased with you spending time “stalking” people other than them.

4. First thing in the morning, last thing in the night: If you prioritise checking social media before you wish your partner good morning and after you wish them good night, things are that you are losing out on spending quality and intimate time with them.

Good Social Media Habits That We Can Introduce To Improve Relationships

1. Deleting of affecting application: Deleting the application that is taking away precious time with your significant others is the best habit to cultivate.

2. Cultivate empathy: Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. If you feel the same as how your partner feels if you spend too much time on social media, it is easier to get rid of poor habits that are affecting the relationship.

3. Leave your phone in another room: Whatever the activity you are doing with your partner is, the best habit is not to have your phone at arm’s reach. This means that if you are chilling with your significant other in the living room, then leave your phone in the bedroom. Vice versa, if you are in the bedroom with them, then leave your phone out in the living room.

4. Using an actual alarm clock: We all use our phones as our alarm clock. By getting a real alarm clock, we eliminate the possibility of us scrolling through social media first thing in the morning and last thing in the night.


Sometimes just ditching bad habits and trying to develop good ones might not be sufficient in helping to break the cycle of poor relationships. If you find yourself struggling to manage your social media addiction as well as your relationship, you might want to consider talking to a therapist or going through couples therapy or marriage counselling. Professional help can help you and your partner navigate through the issues and come to a compromising solution that both can agree on.

Remember, social media is created to be addictive, but it should not affect genuine relationships with your loved ones and significant others. Consider our therapists at A Space Between. With our range of specially designed therapy rooms, our therapists can help you and your partner foster a better, more loving and intimate relationship. You can find out more about A Space Between at

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