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Gustavo Crespo

Gustavo Crespo

Introducing Gustavo, your dedicated partner in transformation and growth. With over 8 years of experience as a life coach, he guides individuals through life’s challenges and transitions with compassion, expertise, and unwavering support.

Imagine sitting down with Gustavo, feeling instantly at ease as you share your hopes, fears, and dreams. His genuine passion for helping others shines through in every interaction, creating a safe space where you can explore your deepest desires and fears without judgment. With a warm and empathetic approach, he listens attentively to your needs, offering valuable insights and thought-provoking questions to help you uncover your own answers and solutions.

In addition to his coaching practice, Gustavo is deeply involved in community-building efforts. As a Community Ambassador for the ICF Singapore Chapter and a Volunteer Coach for “The Coach Initiative,” he is committed to making a positive impact beyond individual coaching sessions. His dedication to uplifting others and fostering a sense of connection and belonging is evident in everything he does.

With a Ph.D. in Human Biology and a wealth of certifications in coaching, including from the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Gustavo brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and heartfelt compassion to his work. His background in human biology enhances his coaching practice, allowing him to understand the intricate connections between mind, body, and spirit and tailor his approach to meet your specific needs.

Gustavo specializes in a range of areas, including general relationship challenges (family, friends, co-workers), personal growth and self-esteem, and life transitions. Whether you’re navigating a difficult breakup, exploring new career opportunities, or seeking greater fulfilment in life, he is here to support you every step of the way.

When you work with Gustavo, you’re not just embarking on a coaching journey – you’re forming a deep and meaningful partnership with someone who genuinely cares about your well-being and success. Together, you’ll uncover your true potential, overcome obstacles, and create a life that reflects your values, passions, and dreams.

As an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community, he ensures that everyone feels welcome and respected in his coaching space. His commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion ensures that clients from all walks of life feel valued and supported as they embark on their journey of personal growth and transformation.

Take the first step towards a brighter future and schedule a consultation with Gustavo today. You deserve to live a life that’s filled with purpose, joy, and fulfilment, and he is here to help you discover the answers that lie within you.


Life & Executive Coach






  • International Association of Coaching (IAC) – Certified Coach
  • ACP – Certified Coach with NLP – USA
  • Certified Professional Coach Member – Latin American Coaching Community (CLC)
  • Certified Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF) – Community Ambassador Singapore Chapter
  • PhD Human Biology – Justus Liebig university – Germany
  • Certified Happiness Coach (Positive Psychology) – USA.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Bioanalytical Science.

What kinds of treatment or therapy do you provide?

  • Life & Executive Coaching

What language can you conduct the session in?

English and Spanish

What is the greatest reward in being a counsellor for the queer community?

The greatest reward in being an ally for the queer community, particularly the gay community, is witnessing individuals embrace their authentic selves and find belonging. Providing a safe space for exploration and empowerment, I see clients thrive in their journey to live authentically, which brings me immense fulfilment.

What is the greatest challenge in being a counsellor for the queer community?

The greatest challenge in being a coach for the queer community, especially when my experience is predominantly with the gay community, is ensuring that I am sufficiently trained and knowledgeable to support all individuals within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Each person's experience is unique, and it's essential to understand and address the diverse needs and challenges faced by different queer identities. Therefore, continuous education and learning are crucial to providing effective and inclusive support for all members of the community.

What was your path to becoming a therapist?

My journey to becoming a coach was born from a deep-seated desire to understand human biology and its impact on personal growth. With a Ph.D. in Human Biology, I initially pursued scientific inquiry, seeking to unravel the mysteries of our biological makeup. Alongside academic pursuits, I felt drawn to coaching as a means of supporting individuals on their journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. Formal training and certification honed my coaching skills, enabling me to guide others through life's challenges with empathy and understanding. Engaging in community-building initiatives, such as volunteering with RDA Singapore, further solidified my commitment to service and compassion. This holistic approach, combining scientific knowledge with a passion for helping others, defines my path as a coach, rooted in a deep sense of purpose and service.

What are you most excited about within the evolving mental health landscape?

Within the evolving mental health landscape, I am most excited about the increasing recognition and emphasis on holistic well-being. As society becomes more attuned to the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical health, there's a growing movement towards integrative approaches that address the whole person. This shift opens up new possibilities for collaboration among various disciplines and modalities, fostering innovation and inclusivity in mental health care. I'm particularly enthusiastic about the growing acceptance of coaching as a complementary approach to traditional therapy, offering clients a proactive and empowering way to achieve their personal and professional goals. This evolving landscape presents an opportunity for me to contribute to positive change, advocate for holistic approaches, and support individuals in their journey towards greater well-being and fulfilment.

What do you do to continue learning and building competencies as a provider?

To continue learning and building competencies as a provider, I actively engage in workshops, talks, and professional development activities through organizations like the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), both locally with the Singapore chapter and globally. These platforms provide valuable opportunities to stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and emerging methodologies in coaching. Currently, I am furthering my coaching career with the goal of achieving the highest certification under the IAC, demonstrating my commitment to ongoing growth and excellence in serving my clients.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to try therapy?

If someone is hesitant to try therapy or coaching, I would first acknowledge their apprehension and validate their feelings. Then, I would encourage them to reflect on their goals, values, and aspirations, considering what they hope to achieve through therapy or coaching. Together, we would explore their concerns and any perceived barriers, breaking them down into manageable steps. By fostering a collaborative and empowering environment, I would support them in identifying their strengths and resources, helping them realize that seeking support is a courageous step towards personal growth and well-being. Ultimately, I would remind them that therapy or coaching is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where they are in control of their path and have the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

What kind of training have you had in working with the LGBTQ population?

I don't have any special training on this.

What should someone know about working with you?

When working with me, you'll find that I bring a blend of warmth, compassion, and authenticity to our coaching relationship. Having navigated various life transitions and challenges myself, I understand the importance of feeling heard, supported, and understood on your journey towards personal growth and fulfillment. My commitment to coaching stems from a deep-seated passion for helping others uncover their true potential and live authentically. Outside of coaching, you might find me volunteering with kids with disabilities at RDA Singapore, where I find immense joy and fulfillment in making a positive impact in the lives of others. I believe that our coaching journey is not just about achieving goals, but also about fostering a sense of connection, trust, and mutual respect. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that honors your unique experiences, strengths, and aspirations, empowering you to create the life you desire.

How do your own core values shape your approach to therapy?

My core values of service, communication, respect, and compassion serve as guiding principles in my approach to coaching. I believe in serving others with empathy and understanding, creating a safe and supportive space for open communication. Respect for my clients' experiences and perspectives is paramount, and I strive to cultivate a collaborative relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Compassion drives me to meet my clients where they are, offering support and encouragement as they navigate their journey towards growth. These values inform every aspect of my practice, ensuring that each individual receives personalized care that honours their unique needs and goals.