Community Meetup with A Space Between Members

Community Meetup with Members

Interested in getting to know other members at A Space Between? Our quarterly community meetup is an opportunity for members to get to know one another, share advice, and build connections. You will also get to meet the team behind A Space Between, including the founder, Lee. Small group discussions will take place in the reception area at the space, and questions will be provided to help guide conversation. Who knows? Maybe a casual chat will turn into a lifelong friendship.

This event is open to both active and trial members of A Space Between. Light refreshments will be provided.

31 August 2022 10:00 am
With a friendly smile and a calm demeanour, Charmaine is always here to support you. Say hello in the comments đź‘‹
As freelancers, we've all faced the pressure to conform and the sting of judgment. But what happens when we dare to be different? When we embrace our unique perspective and refuse to be bound by convention?
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