Community Meetup with A Space Between Members

Community Meetup with Members

Interested in getting to know other members at A Space Between? Our quarterly community meetup is an opportunity for members to get to know one another, share advice, and build connections. You will also get to meet the team behind A Space Between. Small group discussions will take place in the members’ lounge. Who knows? Maybe a casual chat will turn into a lifelong friendship.

This event is open to both active and trial members of A Space Between. Light refreshments will be provided.

1 March 2023 10:00 am
Ben shares his struggles with building resilience, grappling with feelings of shame and inadequacy. Yet, in the midst of uncertainty, he finds solace in small steps towards healing. Read his story and reflect on your own journey.
Would you like to share your story of resilience? Write to Joy at We'd love to hear from you.
"Just kidding, guys – I love my job!" 😂

- Meet Ben, Our Community Manager -

Ben is our new part-time community manager, helping Charmaine keep our space shipshape. At 1.97m tall, he's our tallest team member, but don't worry, he's still a gentle giant. If he could switch lives with anyone for a day, it'd be Taylor Swift (no judgments, Ben). Ben's chill vibe and kind heart make him a great fit for our team.
Join us on TikTok (@_aspacebetween_). Find serenity, sneak peeks, and inspiration. Plus, nourish your mind and body with self-care tips and exclusive interviews with the talented private practitioners who call our co-practice space home. We'd love to have you along.
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