How Bach Flower Remedies Can Help You

If you’re looking to heal your body and emotions with herbal medicine, you’ve come to the right place. Bach Flower Essences are a natural way to heal your strongest emotions so that you can feel healthy and happy.

If that sounds good to you, read on. We’ll discuss how Bach flower remedies were created and how they can help you.


How It Started

Back in the 1930s, medical doctor Edward Bach had a new idea to treat sickness. He believed that when emotions were healthy, the body would be able to cure itself of physical symptoms. He believed that plants, specifically flowers, had minerals and natural substances that would regulate and heal strong negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and loneliness. Bach believed that once these emotions were healed, the body would be able to heal itself. His original therapy included 38 different remedies for different specific emotions.

How It’s Made

Bach flower essences are made similarly to other types of essences. First, flowers soak in natural spring water. Next, the flowers in water are either boiled or exposed to the sun. This allows the flower’s natural vibrations or healing powers to escape into the water. Next, flowers are filtered out of the water so there are no flowers left in the final product. The leftover water is mixed and preserved with alcohol, typically brandy.


Benefits of Bach Flower Remedies

You can use flower remedies to treat one or several different emotional issues. Bach had 38 remedies that each addressed a specific negative emotion. They included fear, uncertainty, lack of interest, hypersensitivity, loneliness, sadness or despair, and caring for others at the expense of self.


One of the most popular ways people use Bach flower remedies is to treat stress. Stress negatively influences the body and can harm the immune system. The Bach flower remedies alleviate anxiety, promote sleep, and soothe pain. These remedies allow people to address and treat their emotional health, which takes the focus off physical pain.


How to Use Them

Some flower remedies come diluted. But if not, you can mix them with other substances, like with water, to place on or under your tongue. There are other ways it can be consumed, such as by chewing gum, liquid melts, and tablets.

You can also find Bach flower remedies made into creams to use as a topical product. Some are made to be applied to an affected area, or you can use it like any other regular cream. You can even find them in bath salts.

Everyone is different, so some people may notice results quicker than others. It’s always a good idea to talk to a naturopath, homeopath, or other practitioners to see what method would work best for you.


Possible Risks

Bach flower remedies have no physical effects on the body and are generally considered safe. They’re also safe for those on a gluten-free diet. However, as with any product, you may experience rashes, fatigue, or headache. Some practitioners say that this means the flower remedy is working to release stored energy or emotions in the body.

Now you can use the healing vibrational powers of flowers to heal your mind, so your body can heal itself.



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