The Importance of Workplace Environments

An office environment is so crucial to the mental health of any individual who works in such a place, as one will likely spend nearly 40 hours or more here each and every week. If the surroundings in a workplace are toxic, it can easily have a domino effect on the mindset, productivity, and attitude of the entire workplace. There are many factors go into a workplace environment, and today we are going to dive into what those factors are and how to ensure any potential issues can be avoided so that everyone’s mental health can be in an optimal state.



One major reason that employees get bogged down by their workplace environment is due to the fact that harassment, whether it is verbal, sexual, or physical, is rampant among the workplace. Harassment can come from either a manager or fellow employee, and it is considered harassment whether it is a one-time thing or if it is repetitive. It can be intimidating to speak up if you are dealing with harassment in the workplace, but it is crucial to speak to any person you trust within the company so that an end can be put to any unacceptable behavior.

Racial Biases

Another major issue that faces workplaces all over the world is racial bias. Higher-ups in any given workplace may often discriminate towards certain individuals and make inappropriate comments, slurs, and “jokes,” and this is all considered a form of harassment. This attitude can easily create a hostile work environment and will surely affect the mental health of those being discriminated against. An individual who is being discriminated against may feel too intimidated to speak up or could even turn to violence, which of course needs to be avoided at all costs.


If the workplace environment is healthy and functioning well, the productivity and overall attitude of the employees will be significantly healthier overall. There are ways to combat an unhealthy workplace, such as firing and holding any individuals who are causing specific problems accountable, having regular seminars and in-depth trainings that clearly explain the expectations of appropriate workplace behavior, and always keeping a clear and open line of communication with all employees to keep the environment as positive as possible. If you are experiencing situations in the workplace that make you feel as if it is depleting your mental state, do not hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional to assist you in sorting out the issues and gaining new tools to overcome the negative effects a workplace environment may have.


At the end of the day, workplace environments can have a heavy effect on the mental health of employees. It is so imperative to hold anyone who is contributing to a negative work environment accountable and to be aware of when someone may be troubled by the inappropriate actions of others. Having a healthy mindset while at work is so crucial, as it will trickle into all other aspects of one’s life can make operations run so much smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.


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