The Wonders Of Somatic Therapy

How Do You Define Somatic Therapy?

Do you ever feel your body has no energy left, and your brain is clouded?

Most people who have been through a recent trauma experience extreme anxiety, stress, or depression. Our bodies have their way of reacting to a trauma just how our brain does. This is where somatic therapy is used to help a person. Somatic therapy is a holistic method that combines psychotherapy and physical therapy to deal with an individual’s trauma as a whole.

Such therapists use the connection between the mind and the body to help a distressed person achieve complete serenity and peace of mind.


What Does Somatic Therapy Aim At?

Our body and mind are related to one another in a complex way. Our mind affects our body, and our body affects our mind. Moreover, emotions define the way we function.

You can relate more to this with a simple example of the link between your mood and your productivity. The day you go to work with a low mood, you find it difficult to think clearly or give your best shot. On the flip side, when you feel good about yourself, you perform much better, and you can ace whatever you are doing.

For this reason, it becomes crucial for a somatic therapist to treat a person from every aspect.

What somatic therapy does is to assist you to release all the negative energy in your head and body to help you look past your traumas. It helps you become sensible about the connection your body has with your mind.

The negative aspects of human emotions like anger, agitation, the need to cry, tension, or panic attacks can prevent a person from enjoying their life to the fullest. It keeps the person from engaging with lively activities during their day, and the person eventually succumbs to the solace of the darkness that fills their heads.

It takes more than just will power or help from a friend to snatch you out of that place. With the help of an excellent somatic therapist, you will start feeling you again.

How Will Somatic Therapy Work For You?

The goal of good somatic therapy is to help a person learn new ways to respond to triggering factors. Somatic therapy builds a sense of self-importance and self-love where you can learn how to deal with the challenges in your life.

Unlike your previous ways of crying in a corner whenever you felt life was tough, you will be able to stand tall and face such challenges and battle against them to become victorious this time.

A skilled therapist will guide you to come out of the trap of your past. The unkind experiences that you had are trapped in your head and are translated in a headache, body ache, low mood, anxiety, and a different body language. Every trauma starts showing in our facial expressions and the way we speak or function.

If you keep these in your head, you may never be able to heal and move past whatever had happened in your life. A therapist will decide your therapy sessions depending on how severely traumatized you are. They will help you by talking you out of your problem and help you release whatever is upsetting you.

However, it does not stop here. Somatic therapy is a holistic approach. It means your therapist would also recommend some maneuvers and exercises to help you feel better.

What Are The Elements Of Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapies are based on multiple elements that contribute to the healing of the person. All the elements come together to help an individual feel better in one way or another:

  • Grounding
    Grounding encourages you to enhance your sensations and improve your consciousness of your surroundings. You will have to become mindful of what you are doing and feel it. Sitting on fresh grass, walking on wet sand, listening to the waves, and actively sensing every feeling will eventually help calm you down.

  • Regulating Your Emotions
    Every time you face a trigger, you make sure you are regulating your emotional response to those triggers. Somatic therapy guides you to become more aware of your emotion and contain yourself in dire situations. It aids with reducing the intensity of your emotions. With time, you will eventually become aware of your self-regulation.

  • Setting Boundaries
    Somatic therapy is a great way to feel safe within your skin. You learn to set boundaries where your mental peace and health along with your emotion are all safe and are not exploited. You set boundaries to stay at bay with anything that causes a turmoil in your head.

  • Becoming Mindful of The Process
    Your brain is trained to become mindful of your body’s language; what it is trying to say to you. You will master the art of understanding yourself and become more aware of your needs so you can improve your experience and take time to respond to situations instead of showing impulsivity.

  • Titration
    Your therapist might put you under triggering situations to know more about how you are progressing through the therapy. They will compare your response before and after taking therapy to make sure you are becoming better.

Final Word

There comes a time when every human being feels this way. You and I are made of complex emotions that control us to a frightening extent. However, many people choose to come out of it with their will power, and some need more help. Whatever you decide to do, remember that the results are what counts.

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