What to Expect From Hypnotherapy And How It Can Help You

If you’re having difficulties overcoming mental and physical health problems, hypnotherapy may help you connect your subconscious mind and help you control your behavior. While hypnotherapy has roots in ancient history, today it’s practiced with a licensed therapist. In this article, we’ll discuss hypnotherapy service and why it might work for you.


What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to induce the patient into a trance-like state for heightened concentration and focus. The patient is open to suggestions while feeling calm and relaxed. A therapist achieves this using verbal repetition and mental images.

Hypnotherapy unlocks the unconscious mind to understand the root of the unhealthy behaviors the patient is looking to treat. By using hypnotherapy, you address the root of the problem instead of masking the symptoms.


How Does It Work?

A therapist induces a hypnotic state, in which the patient experiences waking awareness but is detached from the external and focused on the inner experience. They become deeply relaxed and peaceful before addressing their problematic behavior. The hypnotherapist may ask questions about their fears, anxieties, or behavior while offering suggestions. The therapist may instruct the patient on coping skills to guide them through fears and anxieties.

They may be encouraged to recall why the behavior started or the first time it occurred. The therapist may ask the patient to remember their feelings at that moment to understand and reflect from an objective standpoint.


How Does It Help?

Hypnotherapy can help any issue that comes from repressed trauma. Many people don’t realize how they’ve developed unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with trauma that continues to haunt them. By using hypnotherapy, you can understand what event lead to the trauma and process it to treat persistent mental health challenges.

Hypnosis therapy is a useful treatment option for anxiety, phobias, stress, chronic pain PTSD, addictions, migraines, and more.


What To Expect

The hypnotherapist will start the session by explaining what is going to happen and review your treatment goals. The therapist will then likely bring you to a hypnotic state by speaking in soothing tones and describing pleasing mental images.

When you reach a suggestive state, the therapist may ask you to recall certain events or feelings that will help bring understanding. They may suggest ways to help you achieve your goals, such as ways to reduce pain or eliminate cravings. They may also ask you to visualize yourself achieving your goals. When the session is over, the therapist will bring you out of your hypnotic state.

Contrary to popular belief, you never lose control of your behavior under hypnosis. You also remain fully conscious, although you may be so relaxed that you become drowsy.


Hypnotherapy conducted by a therapist is considered a safe form of alternative treatment. Although reactions to hypnosis are rare, they may include dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, anxiety, or the creation of false memories. Hypnotherapy should be used with caution when proposed as a method to work through stressful events in earlier life, as this can lead to creating false memories.

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