Top 15 Holiday Gifts That Spark Joy and Enhance Wellness

Christmas is just around the corner. Perhaps you are already binge listening to Last Christmas and humming along to Jingle Bell Rock. Beyond the Christmas feasts and the catchy carols, it is also the season of giving. With such a dizzying variety of gifts to choose from, it is easy to be caught in indecision. 

2021 has not been an easy year with prolonged pandemic restrictions and unpredictable changes in the job market. As the happiness and well-being of our loved ones are always the priority, here are the top 15 holiday gifts to spark joy and boost their well-being.

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1. Ticket to a Spa Session

Singapore is known for being a workaholic nation. Therefore, it is all the more important for your loved ones to take a well-deserved rest at the end of the year. A full-body spa session is known to be not just relaxing for the body and mind, but also contain multiple benefits for health. 

A spa session can include treatments like massage, facials, manicures, steam room, sauna and more. The process helps to release pent-up anxiety and stress. In addition, it known to improve blood circulation and strengthening of the immune system. 

LifeSpa, Adeva Spa and Willow Stream Spa by Fairmont are reputable spa houses where you can book sessions for your loved ones to enjoy.


2. A Self-Help Book

Reading is known to strengthen brain connectivity, decrease stress levels and even prevent a weakened cognition due to age. Gifting your loved ones with a self-help book can enhance their mental well-being with helpful mental health tips such as mood regulation and maintaining a positive self-talk. 

Among coveted titles on the subject include Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, Detox Your Thoughts by Andrea Bonior and Unwinding Anxiety by Judson Brewer.


3. A Handy Journal

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Journaling is an effective way to reflect on the events of the day. There are also ways it can be utilised to directly improve mental well-being, such as by identifying triggers and keeping a daily gratitude list. 

Surprise your loved ones with a pretty multipurpose journal that can help them to keep track of their schedule and pen down their innermost thoughts and feelings. Stores like  Typo, Muji, and kikki.K are perfect for finding high quality journals with a range of aesthetically pleasing designs.


4. A Soothing Tea Collection

Besides being widely loved for their fragrant taste, many tea types come with rich benefits for both mental and physical health. For instance, mint teas are known for their soothing effects on the body and mind. Chamomile teas are aromatic and relaxing, and drinking them before bedtime can deepen sleep. Teas are also high in antioxidants that reduce inflammation.

Premium tea brands like Dilmah, TWG, and Twinings offer top-grade blends that are perfect for a holiday gift.


5. Skincare and Bodycare Products

Beauty may be skin-deep, but the positive impact of skincare and body care goes much further than that. Starting your day with mindful skincare and body care routine improves self-care and boosts self-esteem as well. It communicates to your body that you care for its well-being. 

The Face Shop, The Body Shop, and Laneige are known for their affordable and gentle skincare and bodycare products that can serve as gift sets for your family and friends.


6. Scented Candles

Scented candles are not only great for creating a festive atmosphere. The calming smell of the candles can also rekindle positive memories and better your mood. For instance, jasmine is known to increase energy levels and feelings of joy, peppermint improves concentration and rosemary soothes anxiety.

Bring comfort and peace of mind to your loved ones with this scented gift that can be easily found in Bath and Body Work and Sephora.


7. Essential Oils

Similar to the effects of scented candles, essential oils emanate scents that bring solace and tranquility. Lavender is a popular scent in aromatherapy that is linked with the alleviation of depressive symptoms, insomnia, and even menstrual cramps. Feel free to add a diffuser kit to the gift set so the scent can be infused in every corner of the room too.

Essential oils can be found in Young Living, HYSSES, The Essentials Oil Shop, and other health and beauty stores.


8. Sleep Mask

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Falling asleep in a busy city can be difficult for those who are sensitive to light. Even late at night, the surrounding buildings and streets often seem to be perpetually bright. Present your loved ones with a soft and practical sleep mask to provide them with the deep rest they need. 

Sleep masks come in a variety of shapes and looks and are easily available in most health and beauty stores like Sephora and Watsons. Pick the look and feel that is the best fit for your gift recipient. 


9. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are colourful and creatively crafted “soaps” that explode when they are dropped into bathwater. Besides sprucing up the hot bath experience, bath bombs also moisturise the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Your loved ones can now indulge in a luxurious bath after a long day, putting their worries behind them.

They are available in an exciting array of designs from Lush. You can also pick those that come in festive Christmas motifs!


10. Potted Plants

Small potted plants are not only cute to look at and low maintenance. They can also improve physical and mental well-being! Having something green in the proximity is known to have a calming effect on the mind. They help to purify the air around them, freshening up the surroundings and improving the aesthetics too.

Cacti and snake plants are great options as they typically live for a long time and just need to be watered a little amount to thrive. They also beautify the environment with their attractiveness. They are readily available in the Giant supermarket.


11. A Jar of Heartfelt Messages

If you would like to present a more personalised gift, you can write heartfelt messages addressed to the recipient and place them in a jar. They can contain well wishes, letters of gratitude as well as shared happy memories. Feel free to decorate the jar with accessories and include photographs of your wonderful moments together as well. 

As your loved ones look through the messages, they will feel the deep appreciation you have for them. This can brighten up their day instantly, and lift their moods up when they are feeling down.


12. A Furry Companion


When your loved one is prone to feeling bouts of loneliness, a furry companion like a dog, a cat or a rabbit can be perfect for alleviating their sadness. Take note that if your loved one is severely depressed, it may be a good idea to get a low-maintenance pet that does not need to be trained, or a therapy animal instead. Make sure that the recipient really wants the kind of pet you have in mind.

If they are not ready for such a responsibility, perhaps you can get them a huggable plushie to warm their hearts instead.


13. Subscription to Mental Health Apps

You can encourage your loved ones to engage in healthy mental health habits by gifting them with a subscription to mental health apps like Headspace or Calm app that provides meditation and mindfulness exercises. They can try the exercises in the morning or as they unwind from a long day. 

These apps are easy to use and heal those who are stuck in a rut. They are also great for maintaining positive emotional well-being in the long run.


14. A Healthy Snack

We know that too much sugar and carbs are bad for the body and mind, and many Christmas desserts fall in that category. However, there are also healthy snacks that are not just tasty but contain the ingredients that improve their overall well-being. 

Snacks like dark chocolate, almonds, and mixed berries make for delicious gifts that are great sources of nutrition. Besides that, they have a festive look too!


15. A Comfortable Blanket


Finally, you can invest in a weighted blanket that gives your loved ones a deep sense of comfort and security. Singapore may not have a white Christmas, but many do sleep in “air-conditioned weather”. It is known to give a feeling akin to being hugged and reduce feelings of anxiety. Do not underestimate the power of a big, comfy blanket in bringing about inner peace and a good night’s sleep. 

There you have it! It’s time to go shopping and prepare gifts that will fill your loved ones’ hearts with joy and tranquility.




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