Good design in medical spaces is vital

There is this stigma of therapy that it’s only for crazy people. This is something that many people believe and it prevents them from ever stepping foot in a therapist office.

Traditional medical spaces are very cold and sterile. Within the first few seconds of a person entering a new space, whatever impression they form of the space becomes very difficult to change. If it feels too clinical, their level of anxiety will rise and that negative feeling will prolong their recovery or deter them from seeking professional help altogether.

Well-designed mental health treatment facilities contribute to the client’s healing and expand the therapeutic benefit provided by skilled professionals.

At A Space Between, we realise that it is paramount to create a space that ensure therapy clients are cared for with the respect and dignity they deserve without compromising security. We practice design thinking and everything from the size of the rooms to the layout of the furniture has been carefully considered in order to build a safe and comfortable space for both therapists and their clients. We will always be a work in progress and we enjoy working with our members to shape solutions that amplify wellness, privacy, security and reduce stigma.

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Where private practice meets
A Space Between provides flexible co-working office spaces for rent to therapists and other professionals in Singapore.

A Space Between is a destination for mental health therapy activities. Counsellors utilise our many conducive therapy rooms for consultations. Located conveniently downtown and offering your independent therapists rent by the hour, we house many professional mental health practitioners, including LGBTQ+ friendly ones. To find out more about the therapists practising in A Space Between, write to us at [email protected].

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